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Selasa, 18 Ogos 2015

Jumaat, 19 Jun 2015



I kinda like my own writing.Yes, angkat bakul.

Maybe i can publish this on hard printed material.Who knows.

Any takers?


Assalamualaikum and hye peeps,

Been a while,eh?Nobody is reading anyway.I've noticed that some of my fellow blogers are now idle with post lasted 2 years ago.Blog recently has become more 'business centric' rather than 'readers centric' where it used to few years back.

People nowadays blog to sell their product. Essentially it is more convenient (legit?) to sell your product over blog. Blog is indeed much more user-friendly for layman to have their own so called 'website' whereas website needs complex HTML/JAVA etc to code and some impose rental for their server usage. So, blog has becoming more popular.

Moving on. Am i gonna blog again?No. But i realized that blogging is one way to keep your journal/travel log etc and it is good to reminisce some good memories. To be truth, i even forgot some of the memories or what i wrote until succumbed back to old posts.

So, peeps.Blog it is and may the force (fierce?) be with you.

Until then.

Jumaat, 7 Jun 2013

Sesi Teh Tarik

Sesi bertemu peminat/sahabat.Atau salah satu.Atau kedua-duanya.Atau bertukar tempat di antara slash /.


Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat,ahkhirnya mati terkena renjantan elektrik

Cubaan untuk kononnya merubah nama domain,gagal!

Hampir 30% nafas aku hilang bila pautan ke blog lain hilang apabila aku menukar alamat domain.

Sesungguhnya aku belum ada perkiraan untuk risiko atau hazard dalam kadar tersebut.

Mental dan fizikal.

Atau let's face it,aku sayang kamu semua.


Wind of change

Should be on May 2013 but obviously the wind still can't blow out the hell of 'that' structure.And now, they are planning to soil down the foundation with demo and all.

Another story.

So I moved on.Almost 6-7 years using the same blog domain, I've moved on to new domain.A brave and very quiet step i would say. there is a '1' there.An open book question.Skip.

The fact that nobody is visiting this blog anymore except me made it more simple and less heart breaking moment.



"Tangan yang memberi itu lebih baik dari yang menerima"